St. Paul Sr. Choir Music Resource

A Round Of Thanks (9/28/2020) 
As The Deer (6/1/2020) 
Faith Of Our Fathers (6/30/2020) 
God of Tempest God of Whirlwind (5/20/2020) 
In Christ There Is No East or West (8/10/2020) 
Let Us Give Thanks To The Lord (9/4/2020) 

This is Music Jack has provided for Choir members to listen to and practice with.

Simply click on the link (Part Type) and it will play directlyon your pc through your browser.

Larger Files May take up to a minute!

There are many different types of files to convey music, usually the windows media player will playthem all, if you have any problems accessing music files or players, please contact Ed for help.

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