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AGO Ain't That Good News (10/7/2018) 
AGO Fanfare and Concertato on:- A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (10/5/2018) 
AGO God So Loved The World (10/5/2018) 
AGO Great Is The Lord (10/15/2018) 
AGO How Great Thou Art (10/5/2018) 
AGO How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place (10/13/2018) 
AGO Speak, Lord, In The Stillness (10/15/2018) 
AGO The Hallelujah Chorus (10/7/2018) 
AGO The Last Words Of David (10/5/2018) 
AGO The Lord Bless You And Keep You (Rutter) (10/11/2018) 
AGO You Raise Me Up Be Still My Soul (10/5/2018) 

This is Music has been provided for AGO Choir members to listen to and practice with.

Simply click on the link (Part Type) and it will play directlyon your pc through your browser.

Larger Files May take up to a minute!

There are many different types of files to convey music, usually the windows media player will playthem all.

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