Our bodies are made of energy. To achieve and maintain vibrant health, we must protect our energy frequency and flow (or circulation) throughout the body

The principles of energy medicine originate from quantum physics. Everything in the universe is made of energy. Like all matter, the human body is not just made up of physical and chemical structures, it also has subtle energy fields known as bio-energy. We continuously radiate, absorb and conduct frequency waves of energy. Bio-energy is crucial to life and is sometimes called "the bio-field", "vital energy", "aura", "Qi" (Chinese), "Prana" (India), "Mana" (Polynesian), "Barraka" (Islamic), "Ki" (Japanese), etc. To attain and maintain vibrant health, we must protect the vital bio-energy flow throughout our body. It must be free-flowing, and in perfect vibration or frequency. Any disruption or imbalance to the bio-energy pathways or "vibrations" can lead to disharmony, ill health and diseases.

Unfortunately, many factors such as stress, pollution, increasing radiation from electromagnetic waves (mobile phone, radio, computer, television, microwave oven, wireless, etc), sedentary lifestyle, poor water quality and poor diet, can weaken body's bio-energy or disrupt its flow and circulation.

Healing Beyond Borders is a non-profit organization that advances Healing Touch worldwide through educational classes teaching the original standardized curriculum developed by Janet Mentgen, RN, in the energy therapy of Healing Touch, and endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA). HTI provides a certification process for students with credentialing (CHTP) recognized through the world health care systems, a professional organization that supports HT students, practitioners, instructors and the general public through continuing education, Healing Touch research, health care integration consultation programs, and marketing efforts.

Healing Touch Kansas City is a professional, non-profit organization of Healing Touch providers and Certified Practitioners in Missouri and Kansas. This community provides heart-centered support for members through practice sessions, continuing education, networking events and communications. Within the Kansas City area, this community promotes holistic, energy-based therapy by organizing Healing Touch education, research, and other services. This site provides dates and locations for Practice Groups and continuing education classes.

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