Schedule Quick Look

9/24/201708:30NoneNoneC. SchuetteNoneNoneNoneB. NeedhammerM. TemperelliE. BrockhoffT. NolandK. ActonT. Proctor
10/1/201708:30J. BlevinsC. StoneH. YerionNoneG. HolmenK. ActonB. NeedhammerD. BilsteinNoneNoneC. SchuetteS. Schuette
10/8/201708:30NoneNoneC. SislerNoneNoneNoneA. MundhenkeG. HolmenB. DahnkeNoneK. ActonB. Needhammer
10/15/201708:30G. ScheelkK. JenningsE. BrockhoffNoneJ. KenwardE. HustedT. ProctorC. SislerNoneNoneR. WoodyT. Noland
9/24/201711:00K. WredeNoneNoneNoneE. McQuillanK. SimonK. SimonD. LevendahlNoneNoneM. WelchNone
10/1/201711:00C. RoyalNoneNoneNoneT. SchliesmanE. McQuillanB. SchliesmanD. LevendahlNoneNoneN. VolunteerNone
10/8/201711:00B. BoekeNoneNoneNoneK. SimonD. LevendahlL. BilsteinM. WelchNoneNoneK. WredeNone
10/15/201711:00G. SnyderNoneNoneNoneM. WelchN. VolunteerT. SchliesmanD. LevendahlNoneNoneN. VolunteerNone

AG-1, AG-2 is Altar Guild. AM is Assisting Minister. CN is Cantor.
CA-1, CA-2 is Communion Assistant. PT is Projection Team. RE is Reader.
RF-1, RF-2 is Refreshments. US-1, US-2 is Usher.

This screen is a quick look at the schedule over the next four weeks, dates calculated automatically.