Schedule Quick Look

12/16/201808:30J. ActonE. ActonD. BilsteinNoneG. HolmenJ. KenwardA. MundhenkeG. HolmenC. GuggenmosH. GuggenmosB. BuehrerL. Harvey
12/23/201808:30N. CommunionN. CommunionD. LaughlinNoneN. CommunionN. CommunionT. ProctorJ. KenwardNoneNoneB. TemperelliM. Meyer
12/30/201808:30NoneNoneE. BrockhoffNoneNoneNoneA. MundhenkeE. HustedNoneNoneT. NolandB. Buehrer
12/16/201811:00B. BoekeNoneNoneNoneM. WelchK. SimonB. SchliesmanNoneNoneNoneB. BoekeNone
12/23/201811:00G. SnyderNoneNoneNoneK. SimonNoneM. WelchM. WelchNoneNoneK. WredeNone
12/30/201811:00C. RoyalNoneNoneNoneT. SchliesmanM. WelchT. SchliesmanNoneNoneNoneM. WelchNone

AG-1, AG-2 is Altar Guild. AM is Assisting Minister. CN is Cantor.
CA-1, CA-2 is Communion Assistant. PT is Projection Team. RE is Reader.
RF-1, RF-2 is Refreshments. US-1, US-2 is Usher.

This screen is a quick look at the schedule over the next four weeks, dates calculated automatically.